Visualize your code and be more productive working on it

FileSequence improves code visualization of your codebase files, helping you refactor your code, add new features or understand it's
architecture visually.

FileSequence Features

Explore the different ways we help you get a different perspective of your codebase

Visualize your files dependencies

Using a tree graph visualization of your file dependencies, grouped by dependency type, understand how your files relate with each other and what third party dependencies they use

shows how FileSequence represents files dependencies visualization through a tree graph visualization where the root is a selected file from the codebase

Learn about your code dependencies in a single view

Using our feature Dependency Table see what is the most used dependency in your code and which files uses it

shows how FileSequence groups into a table all of your codebase files and dependencies, so you can easily search for any file or dependency, and which files uses them

Our application integrates with GitLab or GitHub

By leveraging GitLab/GitHub integration, we can show any Merge Request/Pull Request changes visually, showing how files interact with each other, what files are new, deleted or modified and what dependencies they use

shows how our integration with GitLab or GitHub constructs the code changes in the merge request or pull request into a visual tree graph so you can understand how files interact with each other and their dependencies

Check our introductory video to FileSequence below

FileSequence introduction video on Youtube


For the single developer or for your business. While we are in beta our price is reduced