Use with JavaScript codebases, of any size

We use an incremental visualization approach which prevent information overload and allow you to focus on the problem at hand

Javascript framework agnostic, our tool works in any code, if you use React, Vue, Angular or even if its a NodeJS server, we got you!

Support 'create-react-app', 'webpack', 'next-js' bundlers. (we plan to integrate with more bundlers, like vite, parcel and esbuild

By grouping dependencies in categories, it makes easier to distinguish if it's a third party dependency or another file in your code.

Discover which dependencies are the most used in your code

Work with multiple applications by being able to switch which one to see

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Gain new insights into your JavaScript application

Our static code analysis tool parses all of your JavaScript files, allowing you to spot files that are critical to your business and help developers have an easier time changing, refactoring or adding new features to those files without missing other files that depend upon them

Your source code is safe

We don't require you to expose your source code to any repository or a server, FileSequence works locally so you can have peace of mind

We plan to support other programming languages

The next languages we plan to support is Python and Go